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Day Care Cleaning Services

Public and private Schools and daycares require antiseptic cleaning to disinfect hot spots such as desktops, doorknobs and other heavily touched areas that are accessed and shared by many people. Microfiber cleaning cloths are superior to cotton or other fabrics or disposable paper, proving to be 99 percent more effective at capturing and removing bacteria and soils.

day care cleaning

In addition to using the Eco Porpre Maids Cleaning System Program in school environments, we work with you to educate students and parents on how to minimize germ and bacteria transmission to reduce health risks.

On our behalf we will walk through your facility to identify hot spots and customize a cleaning schedule based on your needs and budget. We will ask good questions to understand what is most important to you so that the cleaning consistently meets your expectations.

Other facts you should know:

  • Children under age two put something in their mouths 81 times per hour; 42 times for ages two to five
  • 80% of germs are spread through contact with a contaminated surface such as a table, doorknob or other common item
  • Flu virus can survive on surfaces up to 72 hours; viruses that cause diarrhea last two to four months; MRSA for several months
  • Hepatitis can live outside the body for up to 2 weeks

Our workers get to know your environment and work with you to prevent health issues.

The EcoPropre Maids Guarantee!

Here at Eco-Propre we have learned that over the years that our success depends on our customers being fully satisfied with the with our cleaners do!

That's why we offer a no questions asked return to clean policy! If you are not satisfied with our work, we will come back and make it right! 100% Guaranteed!

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